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Testimonials from the book



"Tony was a faithful husband, a wonderful father and a completely honest man... Nobody knew Tony better than I. Always I'll remember and love this kind, honest and decent man...".

Maureen Murphy, Tony's widow.



"Murphy ... [was] an intensely loyal man, a true descendant of a clannish people who managed to hang on in difficult circumstances because of that quality. With his enemies, however, he was quick to join battle and a fierce hater; just now he hated Whitrod more than anyone else...".


Des Sturgess, author of The Tangled Web. Retired QC & Director of Prosecutions, Qld.



"Dear Tony,


I see by the Gov’t Gazette that next month you hand in your uniform and accoutrements as a member of the Q.P.F.  I am writing to say that you have been one of the most outstanding policemen that this State has ever had.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that your career has been brilliant and that you have outshone all of your contemporaries as an investigator.


When I cast my mind back over the last three decades or so, I’d say that there is or there has not been one investigation of any note in which you did not take a leading, indeed decisive part.  My experience of you has been that you brought to bear an outstanding intellect onto the solution of criminal offences.  This, combined with qualities of dogged persistence, enabled you to achieve a successful conclusion when lesser men would have failed.


Whilst on the subject of lesser men, you have endured a lot of harassment from these people, both inside and outside the Force, but you always managed to emerge triumphant.  I refer also to the stupid criminal charges, all of unfounded nature, brought against you by these lesser intellects.  The charges ‘boomeranged’ against these people.


So now, as far as the Force is concerned, your career comes to an end.  You’ve served the State exceptionally well.  I can’t see you vegetating in retirement.  I hope that you will, in some way, give the community the benefit of your talents in years to come.  I wish you well in your retirement.  I hope to see you one day before long.

Sincere regards,



Private correspondance from Retired Chief Judge Pat Shanahan, 1 November 1982.




Format:                        Paperbook (185 page)

Dimensions:                150 x 230mm; 359g

Publication date:         April, 2015

Publisher:                    Watson & Ferguson, Australia

Language:                   English

ISBN:                            9781925236149